An Expert in her Field 

Lauren is the BEST personal trainer in Chicago!  Whether you are interested in learning about nutrition, trying to find a workout routine that fits you needs and goals, or are interested in challenging yourself, Lauren is the trainer for you.  As an expert in both nutrition and personal training, Lauren will customize the workouts/conversations/discussions to be specific to your wants and needs. This immediately built trust for me as I realized Lauren had a plan on how I was going to achieve a healthy lifestyle even when I couldn't see it for myself!  Before I met Lauren, I never exercised - now I am in the gym & running 2-3 times a week! Lauren pushes me when she knows I can do workouts within my limits, but she is also very conscious of where her clients are in terms of their physical, mental and emotional health.  Lauren evaluates me every time she sees me and will alter our planned workout based on how she observes my exercise throughout the workout. This is extremely beneficial for me because I am the type of person who wants to get enjoy a difficult workout within my limits so I am lucky to have a trainer who can think on her feet! I can see the transformation in my body and my diet which would not be possible without Lauren!

Lauren is the real deal - she cares about her clients more than just the hour or two spent together each week. Lauren checks in on you when she knows you have a big commitment or just to say hello, sends you tips and advice that she thinks will be helpful for your lifestyle, or just let's you know someone else is rooting for you in your personal / healthy lifestyle success!

Kelsey C.

Individualized Programming 

I began working with Lauren at the suggestion of a friend, whose fitness goals were very similar to mine.  As I'd had no prior experience with personal training or fitness in general, I was mainly looking to get healthy and fit.  After Lauren and I had a health consultation, where she eagerly listened to my goals and assessed how we'd get there, we scheduled a month's worth of trainings- which has turned into 3 years and counting!  What can I say, I'm addicted!  Between the challenging training program, Lauren's enthusiasm, and the results I'm seeing- I don't want to turn back to my "skinny fat" ways.  Lauren is great at pushing me that extra mile but is also equally as great at listening to me and my level of comfort.  Because of this, we've been able to tailor a program specifically to my body, and it's obviously working. If anyone is interested in simple well-being, getting in shape, or a healthy lifestyle- Lauren is interested, and I would highly recommend her!

Shayne Fanning 

Goal-Centered Approach

I started working with Lauren 15 months ago.  I began with 1 session per week and have steadily increased it to 3 sessions per week.  This spring I also convinced my wife to join me.  The results I have seen have been tremendous.  I have reduced my body fat from 23.4% to 20.2% (this is one of the services I like from Lauren - a data driven approach to measuring your progress) and taken 4 inches off my waist (and elsewhere).  I have worked with several trainers but none better than Lauren.  Lauren's training method works for me and my wife because it handles the typical obstacles mere humans face when attempting to get in shape:

1.  Boredom - Lauren mixes up the exercises for each session, using exercises that work a combination of muscle groups rather than isolating just one.  This variety really helps me stay with the program.

2.  Effort level - Lauren keeps a close eye on your fitness level and condition (I wear a heart rate monitor) so that she keeps you on pace during the workout without pushing you beyond your limits.  Without her coaching I would never push myself this hard.

3.  Diligence - It is hard to get yourself to work out on your on - but when you have an appointment with your trainer there are no excuses.   I also found that once Lauren got me into a groove of working out 3 days a week with her I was able to add in additional work outs on my on - or when out of town.

4.  Results - as opposed to other exercise programs I've attempted, I've seen early and consistent results with Lauren.  I have had noticeable/consistent improvements in my stamina, strength, and physique.  This has really helped me stick with the program - and ultimately improve my diet as well (when you start to see improvements in the gym it motivates you to make sure you don't undo the good work in the kitchen).

The last testament to Lauren is her ability to get my wife involved and enthusiastic about working out.  When I first started working with Lauren my wife didn't understand why I needed to work with her so often ("why can't you just go do the exercises on your own?").   Lauren helped convince her to give it a try.  Lauren adjusted the exercise regimen to accommodate the two of us at the same time - and my wife saw the light and is now working out 3 days/week with me.  If you are looking for someone to get you back into the workout groove - or to take your current exercise program to the next level, you couldn't do any better than Lauren.

Jeff K.

You won't be Disappointed!

Lauren is so great. Not only skilled professionally, but also hilarious.
I've been working out with her for 2 years now, and she manages to keep things fresh, new, and fun. Working out can get boring for me, but Lauren manages to keep it interesting for me, which keeps me engaged, and staves off plateaus. Very diverse, and customizes workouts to your interests and skills.  She has a ton of nutrition knowledge, so she can advise on food and help with a ton of great recipe ideas. 

Alex M.

She Makes Training Fun!

Lauren has been my personal trainer for over 3 years now and continues to push me in different ways.   In our time together I have lost 20 pounds and have changed not only the way I look at exercise but also the foods I choose to consume.  Lauren makes things fun and we laugh a lot during our hour together that sometimes you barely notice that she is kicking your butt.  We use the TRX, BOSU, kettlebells, you name it, it's always different and challenging.  She keeps you focused on your goals and helps you to create new ones too.  She makes it very easy to want to keep coming back....I don't dread our time together and I certainly have noticed an overall difference in my body as well as my spirit!

Laura W.

Best of the Best!

Best of the Best is the only way to describe Lauren.  I trained with Lauren for three to four months and she definitely opened my eyes to discover how strength training is an excellent source of cardio as well as how working out can be fun, especially when you see the results after hard work.  In a matter of three to four months I dropped five pounds and more importantly, decreased my body fat by almost five percent.  Before connecting with Lauren, I was definitely the guy who would lift occasionally and most likely run on the treadmill for a few miles and call it a day.  After working with Lauren, I now know how important it is to concentrate on core exercises.  Every time I work out now, I include at least one specific core exercise.  I have never felt better than I do now and I have Lauren to thank.  She even helped me look and feel great for my wedding!  If you are looking for a trainer in the city of Chicago, I highly recommend connecting with Lauren as she will whip you into shape in no time!  If I wasn’t moving out of Chicago, I will definitely still be working with her.

Thomas S.

Lauren is Excellent!

I had the opportunity to train with Lauren for 3 years in SF and was very sad to see her leave the west coast.  Every workout is completely different and pushes you in new and dynamic ways.  I trained with her to get in shape for my wedding, throughout my pregnancy, and postpartum and her workouts were customized to what I needed at the time.  Lauren helped me stay in shape and stay healthy throughout my pregnancy which paid dividends after my daughter was born.  She is highly motivated to help you succeed in whatever your goals may be.  She is also a very active person in her personal life and strives to be knowledgeable about whats new and current in the field of training.  Most of all, Lauren is a kind, approachable and dependable person who puts her clients needs above all else.  I miss working with her!

Kelsey L.

Working with Lauren is GREAT

Lauren is a highly skilled trainer and always seems to know how hard to push me. And even in the midst of a challenging exercise, she can always make me laugh. We work out with almost every prop in the gym (TRX, ViPR, med balls, kettlebells, balance bords, BOSU) so the workouts are never boring. When I had ripped my calf, Lauren kept me in shape by working around my injury.  She is also a terrific running coach and helped my to my 5K PR in sprint Tri.

Susie M.

Love Lauren!

I have been training with Personal Trainers for about 10 years, so very familiar with people who know what they are doing.  When I moved to San Francisco, I was looking for a trainer from the start and met with a few that just were not the right fit for me and my goals.  I started taking a group class taught by Lauren and loved her style and started training with her.  I always had a great workout and no training session was ever the same.  She kept me in great shape, always working hard and challenging myself.  I love Lauren and wish she hadn't moved from San Francisco and can't speak more highly of her as a person and her abilities as a trainer!


Excellent Trainer!

Lauren and I worked together for almost three years, training on average twice a week. She is an amazing partner in getting you on the right track for your fitness goals. She helped me go from being a very new runner to having a solid running base, which enabled me to train more effectively for half marathons. I'm stronger, leaner, and more balanced as a result of our work together. She listens to what your fitness goals are and helps you achieve them, without being too pushy.  Lauren is an utmost professional and I was privileged to work with her.


Lauren is the Best of the Best

I'm a 44-year old male who hadn't been to the gym in a few years. I trained with Lauren twice a week for about 10 months. Results: 212 lbs to 185 lbs and a BMI from 22% to 14%. What makes Lauren better than your average trainer? She has this innate ability to know the physical and mental limits of her clients and push them just enough past their limit to get results while having fun. I actually looked forward to Mondays because I was training with Lauren. I wish she were back in San Francisco but my loss is your gain. You will not be disappointed.

Ricardo L.

Life Saver

Lauren is a fantastic trainer who takes her clients seriously.  I am not a professional athlete, but want to be treated like one, and Lauren does that.  She listens to my desires and what I want from life and health and she plans workouts accordingly.  Additionally, she can modify on the fly.  I have had some knee injuries that sporadically hinder by performance, and many times she alters planned workouts to accommodate issues that arise unexpectedly.  I appreciate her always pushing me, but also considering real-world limitations.  Her workouts are fun, creative, and relevant (I can be a weekend warrior and a wonder woman because of her).

Kerry T.