"Spring Cleaning" Your Life

Everybody loves Spring but almost no one loves spring cleaning.  Although it seems like Spring will never come here in Chicago, I'm still hopeful and therefore gearing up for a new season to begin.  The change of seasons is always a good opportunity to "de-clutter" your life and make space for new and exciting things and experiences.  Out with the old, in with the new.  I'm not just referring to Spring cleaning your apartment or house, but using some of these tips to simplify your life and get excited for all the wonderful things a new season will bring!

10 Tips to "Spring Cleaning" your Life 

1. Clean out your email inbox

If your one of those people who subscribes to 32423878 email lists, that you probably never read, or buy things from....UNSUBSCRIBE!  You will save time not having to check your email every minute, and trust me....you won't be missing out on anything.

2. Donate old clothes and shoes

Cleaning out your closet is so refreshing.  My rule of thumb is if I haven't worn a piece of clothing in over 2 years, chances are I probably never will.  Making more space in your closet is a great way to de-clutter your space and be more organized.  Donate these goods to your local clothing drop off or Salvation Army pickup, someone in need will really appreciate them.

3. Join a local CSA

Community Supported Agriculture food boxes are not only a great way to try new seasonal fruits and vegis, but they are usually very convenient.  CSA's are usually dropped off at your door or have convenient and hassle free pick up locations.  If grocery shopping is a drag for you this is a wonderful and easy way to eat healthy and support your local farmers.  

4. Recycle old magazines, newspapers, mail

You know that pile of papers thats been sitting on your kitchen table for weeks?  Yeah that stack of old magazines you haven't gotten around to reading.  Recycle them for an instant space tidying exercise. 

5. Get outside for at least 30 minutes a day

For those of us cooped up all winter indoors, its time to get out and play!  Take advantage of those beautiful spring afternoons and have your lunch outside or take a 30 minute walk on your lunch break.  Its time to get some natural Vitamin D back into your life, so enjoy the bits of sunshine.  

6. Start "weeding out" the negative relationships in your life

Have someone in your life who's not adding much value, but instead is constantly a negative nancy about everything?  It might be time to "Spring Clean" them out of your life.  Surround yourself with people who lift you up and who have a positive outlook on life.  It will not only increase your overall mood but will also increase your productivity when you start weeding out the negative.

7. Fill your home with fresh flowers

There is nothing better to brighten up your living space than some fresh cut flowers.  They create beautiful scents, colors and an overall cheery vibe for your space.

8. Add something new to your diet

Instead of always focusing on cutting out the bad things in your diet, start introducing some new and healthy foods to crowd out the bad stuff.  Try adding a new food once a week and make it a habit to incorporate that healthy food into your life on a regular basis.  Trying new recipes keeps things interesting and makes cooking all the more fun.

9. Give your pantry a makeover

Check those expiration dates in your refrigerator and pantry and get rid of the things that have expired.  Even dry goods and canned foods go bad at some point, so do a clean sweep to make sure you're not putting yourself at risk for food born illness.

10. Try something new this spring 

A new season is the best time to try something new.  Whether it be a new sport, exercise, art or joining a new group, get yourself out there and try something new.  You might make a new friend or find a new hobby you really enjoy!  Don't be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new this season.